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Managing your supply chain is the #2 risk in A&D.
Regulatory compliance is #1.
Are you mitigating your risk?

Reduce Manufacturing Risk

- Avoid Production Shortfalls in an Allocation Market
- Zero in on the highest risk components with instant pricing visibility, overall BOM cost, and risk rank by component
- Find in-stock alternatives to help you avoid product delays

Optimize Supply Chain

- Identify the highest cost drivers at a glance and prevent cost overruns
- Manage inventory and production to reduce risk
- Improve productivity with reporting and analytics

Ensure High Reliability

- Optimize inventory with visibility into your highest risk components
- Collaborate on supply chain planning to source mission critical components
- Leverage parametric search to identify FFF alternatives

Perform on Key Contracts

- Plan ahead for delays to prevent setbacks
- Mitigate risk on cost-reimbursement contracts with in-stock alternatives
- Prioritize what’s most important to you

Visibility across enterprise

Optimize your supply chain from design through manufacturing in a single dashboard, allowing collaboration across teams and users. With market data including pricing, inventory, and historical information in one view, your team can prioritize what’s most important.

Companies that implement the Enterprise Edition of Findchips Pro are able to integrate Findchips Pro real-time market data with their internal data from their ERP, all in one platform. Request a demo to see how Findchips Pro Enterprise can help your company optimize your supply chain.

Mitigate Risk in an Allocation Market

A lack of visibility across your organization leads to mistakes. With increased inventory visibility, you can: manage inventory across distributors, leverage channel analysis, and implement FFF alternatives where available.