Search, analyze, and visualize the world's sourcing intelligence to help answer strategic questions.

findchips pro can help answer questions like:


Where are we missing out on opportunities and how can we capture more business?


Did we pick the right parts for our new design? Can we actually build this board?

Supply Chain

What are our main cost drivers and where can we easily increase margins by reducing costs?

Explore findchips pro capabilities

Visualize Market Data at BOM level

Findchips Pro aggregates, normalizes and displays all of your BOM's pricing and inventory information into a single, actionable dashboard. It allows to visually identify a BOM's highest cost drivers and risk factors, making it easy to focus and allocating resources to high value tasks.

Centralize critical information into a single knowledge base

Store, share and maintain your BOMs up to date with the latest market information. Transfer BOM ownership, collaborate without exporting and sending multiple - and often outdated - versions of the same BOM. Export the data you need back into Excel at any time.

Bridge the gap between engineering and sourcing

From the earliest design stages, enable engineering teams to access both critical parametric data and relevant market information from the same search pages, and eliminate unrealistic part selection.

Zero in on highest risk

Load a list of components and get an instant budgetary pricing. Get immediately notified of risky components (such as potential EOL, scarce inventory, high pricing fluctuations, or compliance issues)

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