Your robotic solutions never rest, neither should your supply chain software

Dynamic BOM Spreadsheets

- Connected spreadsheets leverage real-time data for instant pricing and availability
- Make immediate changes visible to other members of your organization
- Receive market data and risk factors
- Compare FFF alternatives to avoid long lead times
- Manage multiple BOMs in a single platform

Collaboration Across Your Organization

- Provide access to multiple users on the same BOM
- Break down traditional work silos and communicate across departments
- Track changes and activity for accuracy and accountability
- Quickly collaborate on alternate parts

Adaptive Scalability and Ease of Use

- Findchips Pro scales with the needs of your business
-The software requires little to no training
-Intuitive design and user-friendly interface
- Attract top talent with convenient and efficient software

Decision Making

- Risk Rank provides part assessments at a glance
- Spot EOL components and pinpoint alternatives
- React quickly to sudden changes in your supply chain
- Order from your choice of established and approved suppliers

A Solution That Scales With You

Enter the future of sourcing and procurement with Findchips. Enjoy dynamic and customizable BOMs, and access unparalleled real-time data on each and every part.

Findchips Pro brings a more robust solution to your organization. Unlimited number of BOMs and up to 1,000 parts per BOM. With the power of big data and predictive algorithms at your back, each level of your organization becomes an empowered decision-maker.

Supplyframe Enterprise enables unlimited access to everything, ERP and third-party integration, and an unprecedented level of customization and flexibility. Wherever you go, Findchips Pro goes with you, offering unmitigated access to the data and knowledge you need.

Future-Proof Your Supply Chain

No future is certain, and some breaks in the supply chain are inevitable. In an ever-evolving industry, industrial automation professionals require a software solution that evolves as they do, and Findchips Pro is always moving forward.

Through key features like Risk Rank, members of your organization can spot potential risks in your BOMs at a glance, while also planning ahead for EOL parts by pinpointing FFF alternatives. Much like the automated solutions within your own manufacturing plants, Findchips Pro is also constantly improving and optimizing to provide the best possible sourcing and procurement experience in a single platform.