When lives are on the line, accept nothing but the best

Eliminate Counterfeits

- Shop from preferred and approved suppliers
- Automatically detect and correct inaccurate part numbers
- Compare and contrast alternate parts
- Choose from high-quality components to avoid product recalls

Maintain Compliance

- Dynamic BOMs allow you to make fast and immediate changes
- Detect EOL parts and choose FFF alternatives
- Collaborate on BOMs with all levels of organization
- Track changes and activity for accuracy and accountability

Bring Down Costs

- Compare FFF parts, or similar components at lower costs
- View historical market data over the last 12 months
- Identify cost drivers quickly and spot opportunities at a glance

Stay Competitive

- Go to market faster by locating components with lower lead-times
- Spot EOL components and pinpoint alternatives
- Identify high-risk parts with potential EOL, limited inventory, or price volatility
- Enjoy dynamic BOMs powered by real-time data for empowered decision making

Monitor the Pulse of Your Supply Chain

Working in the medical device industry supply chain offers its own unique challenges. Due to increased regulations from the FDA surrounding Critical to Quality (CTQ) attributes, among other requirements, the supply chain is more complex than ever.

As regulations continue to evolve and change, manufacturers must absolutely have access to real-time data to properly assess suppliers. This industry also incorporates more product SKUs and variable life cycles, along with sustainability concerns, all of which contribute to a more complex and ever-changing supply chain landscape.

The solution lies in proven strategies and agile software that will allow you to make quick and informed decisions to meet the shifting needs of your supply chain. With a combination of real-time data, exceptional collaboration tools, and complex analytics at a glance, Findchips Pro keeps you informed and aware every step of the way.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Medical devices crucial to the health of patients leave no room for error. Strict regulations are designed to keep things like counterfeit components at bay, but ultimately manufacturers must perform their own due diligence by ordering from preferred and approved suppliers.

Even trusted sources can run into issues, however, and breaks in the supply chain are always a looming possibility. The ability to pinpoint FFF alternatives and immediately update your BOMs is something that cannot be discounted in this industry.

Furthermore, Findchips Pro employs Risk Rank, a proprietary algorithm that provides insight into price volatility, EOL parts, inventory issues, and other potential issues at a glance with a simple and easily understood rating system. If your organization is suffering from issues with sourcing and procurement, Findchips Pro is the cure.