Give your NPI process
the BOM Confidence it needs

How does Findchips Pro help your New Product Introduction?

Findchips Pro is packed with powerful features designed to eliminate repetitive work. It gives you immediate access to every critical bit of information, unique market intelligence and advanced analytics for all your parts.

It's also built on top the largest sourcing ecosystem in the electronics industry. By processing and analyzing billions of events, Findchips Pro gives you sourcing insights directly from the marketplace. You won't find that anywhere else.

  • Validate your BOM instantly
  • Save hours of status checks
  • Know your Risk
  • Achieve 100% accuracy

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Validate your BOM instantly

Work smarter with instant validation of your BOM. Upload a file and get instant feedback of your BOM's sourceability. Prioritize activity and customize your report(s) to your quantities.

Achieve 100% accuracy

Before your BOM goes to procurement, get immediate access to how many of your parts are sourceable. Identify potential sourcing issues before they happen.

Save hours of status checks

Get instant feedback on parts, filter by price, stock, and preferred suppliers, and focus on the parts with the greatest impact to your BOM. Turn days of work into minutes.

Know your Risk

Use Risk Rank to assess which parts might need alternative options. Find components matching form, fit and function with a single click.

Align with business partners

Custom and unlimited export of all the data you need. Quickly coordinate with business partners across engineering, supply chain, and procurement.

Make it happen

Immediately source your BOM by supplier. Findchips Pro eliminates the need to order parts one at a time. Save time with 1-click ordering by supplier.

WORLD Electronics gained a competitive advantage

"Findchips Pro significantly reduces the time it takes our team to source new projects for our customers. Time is critical for NPI and this tool helps differentiate us from the competition."

Mike Duddy - Project Manager @ WORLD Electronics

Discover how Findchips Pro can help your organization get to market faster while reducing your material costs.

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